March 15, 2022

SHOPIFY: Monetary advantages

Shopify’s main essence of coming into existence was to make sure that people who are selling their products online have the ease to access every tool and app they need to maintain and run their business. Although setting up an online store may sound quite extravagant or much of a hassle, Shopify’s plans do prove this concept to be wrong. 

Shopify also maintains transparency with it’s users. They break down their investments that the users would need in order to open and set up a new store. Thus one would always know what they are spending their money on. 

Shopify has a 4 tiered plan scheme for users with different features, such that they can be used by anyone who wants to go ahead with their start up, so that everyone can find their own plan and style and set up their store as per their requirements and convenience. 

Shopify also provides a 14 day trial for users to come to a decision without hastily investing any money. They let users have a buffer time to themselves and get accustomed to shopify before launching their store. If at any point a user wants to discontinue shopify they can always do that without having to think about any monetary loss. You can sign up and use Shopify for 14 days without entering your payment information. It is at the end of the trial, when and if you decide to launch your store, that you need to pick a plan and provide your information. 

The only costs that a seller has to incur while starting off with Shopify are the ones that they need for setting up the store.This includes basic theme set up, bandwidth, domain names, and choosing a payment plan for it all. Thus you are only paying for what you need. 

Shopify includes secured, unlimited ecommerce hostings on all plans except for shopify lite. You can also use the Buy Button to add ecommerce to any existing website. 

The plans that shopify have are namely- 

1. SHOPIFY BASIC starts at just 2,153 INR. Some of the notable features of this plan include the affordable monthly price, a package that includes all of the basics you need to get up and running and it’s upgradable, so it will grow with your business. 

2. SHOPIFY – the monthly subscription price at this level is 5,869 INR per month. Small-businesses who have outgrown the basic plan and are looking for an upgrade might be intrigued with this one, as it comes with additional features such as gift cards, abandoned cart recovery as well as a better rate on credit card transaction. 

 Larger businesses will find the ADVANCED SHOPIFY and  SHOPIFY PLUS plans quite convenient if you want to take more control and initiate better growth for your businesses. They have a number of features and are worth the money that needs to be paid. 

Overall, Shopify is one of the very few platforms that maintains utmost transparency with their users and has no hidden costs.

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