March 15, 2022


2022 is the year for new changes, they said. Shopify has been up and running just about that!

Here’s a brief overview of how-

They have started rolling out a series of updates to make the Shopify App Store experience better for both merchants and developers alike. This upgrade would include more app education and storytelling, a stronger visual point of view and additional surfaces for apps to be discovered as well as an app store homepage, designed for discovery.

The Shopify App Store homepage is made to be more relevant to individual merchants , showing personalized recommendations, filtering out already-installed apps and offering fewer, but more meaningful suggestions. Merchants were often overwhelmed with the choices on their previous homepage thus they’ve learned that when presented with a more curated set of apps, they’re more likely to be installed. 

Personalized Recommendations: Currently, the first row of apps is now personalized to the merchant based on whether they’re logged in, their business type and tenure. Already installed apps are also filtered out. 

Simplified Design: The number of rows in the new homepage is reduced from 13 to 7 and the number of apps per row is now 3 from 4. New carousels allow merchants to see more apps by scrolling horizontally. This change has been tested on the new merchant homepage released at Unite and based on positive results, it has been rolled out to all the other merchants.

Deemphasized Editorial: Since they are getting more personalized, Shopify has now moved down some of their editorial recommendations including “In the Spotlight”. Editorial remains an important part of their app discovery strategy. 

The goal is to help merchants find the right apps at the right time on a Shopify App Store that’s simple, safe and personalized. It has also been found that personalized recommendations double the diversity of the apps that the merchants are choosing to install. Thus doubling down on personalization, they believe that it would be easier for the merchants and also improve discovery for developers at the same time.

For 2022, Shopify is “going to continue to improve personalized recommendations, navigation and search.” They would also be providing richer editorial content , including more case studies featuring the apps that the merchants use. More features to the app details page will be added that will help developers showcase their app while making it easier for merchants to understand the features of specific apps. 

Hence it is safe to say that we are going to see yet more improvements in Shopify’s drive to make their App Store easier and better than last year.

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